These photographs and studies-in-oil by artist Caroline Zimmermann were made in preparation for the 75 works of art she will paint for The Absinthe Drinkers.  Caroline is using authentic materials to create original paintings and re-create the studio atmosphere of the Impressionist era.

Caroline Zimmermann is a noted artist whose paintings are exhibited and collected across the US and Europe. Her work is in the private collections of Salvatore Ferragamo, The Duca di Sforza (Duke of Milan), the Patagonia Corporation, the Paul and Barbara Mandel Collection, the Princess of Due Sicilia e Napoli,

and Sir Michael Smurfit, among others.

Caroline’s work is exhibited at Graham Fine Art in London, the Atelier il Corvo di Loro in Florence, and Lahaina Galleries in Newport Beach and Maui.


The Art

of The Absinthe Drinkers

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